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Septic Pumping Sussex County, NJ

If you’re searching “septic tank pumbing near me” for a professional septic company in Sussex County, NJ, look no further! Wilson Services is here to help and handle all your septic needs so that you don’t have to worry or stress about anything. Give us a call when you require septic pumping service in Sussex County and the surrounding area and we’ll provide you with a fair price and reliable work.

Septic Pumping Cost

There is no need to wonder how much does septic pumping cost when you call us. We charge a flat rate of $325/1,000 gallons for our septic pumping services. Due to fluxuating prices for diesel fuel, we may also have a fuel surcharge. We also may have additional fees if we have to dig up your septic lid, or if it’s in a difficult spot or really far from the road (we found a septic tank under a garage once, so we need to be specific). But that sort of situation is pretty rare and $325/1,000 gallons will be the septic pumping cost for most customers. It is our goal to be as transparent as we can with our septic services in New Jersey, and offering upfront septic tank pumping costs is one way we work to meet that goal.

How Often Does A Septic Tank Need To Be Pumped?

If you’re wondering how often should you pump your septic, the rule of thumb for residential properties is that you should get your septic tank pumped at least every 3 years. This number can vary depending on the property size, how much the system is used, and a variety of other factors.

If you wait more than 3 years between septic pumping, you risk damage to your drain field and encountering serious problems down the road. If your yard is starting to smell you might need a repair. Luckily, our Sussex County septic pumping professionals can inspect your septic tank and let you know if it is time and if your tank needs any other maintenance or repairs.

In addition, we highly recommend having baffle filters installed to help your septic tank and drain field work their best. If you already have baffle filters at your property in New Jersey (some newer builds do), we are happy to come clean them every 6 months – which is the recommended timeframe.

Septic Pumping vs. Septic Cleaning Sussex County

Our septic tank cleaning is different from a simple septic tank pumping in Sussex County. When we pump out your tank, we remove liquid and any floating solids or sludge. When we clean out your tank, we remove all of the water from the tank and remove even the most compacted sludge.

This thorough septic cleaning process allows your system to suffer less wear and tear. This means that your tank may last longer and that it will work better for you. You don’t always have to do a septic system cleaning, but it’s a good idea to alternate these with septic pumping for optimal tank functionality and efficiency. When you need septic tank cleaning in Sussex County, call us at Wilson Services!

Sussex County Septic Service Professionals

Understandably, it can be stressful to need something done with your property’s septic system. But with the Wilson Services team on the job, you can rest assured that you have some of the industry’s top experts on your side. Our staff of licensed and insured professionals has been providing Morris and Sussex County property owners with septic tank pumping since 1955. Call us at Wilson Services for septic services in Sussex County today to keep your septic system working the way it did when it was newly installed.

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