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Septic System Installation

Whether you’re a property owner looking to have your septic replaced or a builder developing a piece of land who needs a new system, call Wilson Services for septic system installation in Sussex County, NJ. We have a skilled excavation team with years of experience and expert equipment. We’ll get things done quickly and professionally. Get in touch with us to schedule installation service with our trusted septic company in Sussex County, NJ and the surrounding areas!

Do I Need Septic Tank Installation?

Not sure if septic tank installation or replacement is right for you? We recommend installing a new septic system when:

  • You need a system for disposing of sewage and you don’t have a municipal sewer line you can easily connect to.
  • Your current system or tank is old and needs to be replaced. 
  • Being on the city sewer system isn’t working well for you and you have the option of choosing a septic system instead.

Call us at Wilson Services today if you’re considering a septic system installation. Our Sussex County NJ septic tank experts will help you decide if that is the right option for you.

Factors Affecting Septic Tank Installation

We’ll help you get the best septic installation for your home. This includes:

  • Making sure your septic tank is the right size. We’ll take into account the number of people living on the property and using the system, the size of the space available for the installation, and more. 
  • Getting you the right type of septic tank. Different tanks utilize different technologies to get rid of waste. The type of tank that is right for you depends on how well your soil absorbs water. We’ll test it to be sure you get the best septic tank for your land. 
  • Ensuring your septic tank will last. Some tanks are made out of different materials than others. We’ll help you choose a tank that is economical and that will last for a long time. 
  • Installing your septic system properly. Once you have your new tank, we’ll make sure it gets installed and tested. We’ll work with each part to be completely sure that it is functioning the way the manufacturer intended it to. 

When you need a septic installation company in Sussex County, rely on us at Wilson Services. Our experienced septic tank technicians will make sure you get a great new system and that we have everything working well for you. If you’re not satisfied, we aren’t done yet.


Sussex County’s Septic Installation Experts

Wilson Services can get you set up with a durable septic system in New Jersey that will serve your property well for years to come. We are the area’s long-standing waste and septic professionals, so reach out to us for more information when you ask “how much does it cost to replace a septic system” or have questions about septic installation costs, and what they entail. Give us a call to schedule your septic installation today!


We understand that having major plumbing work done at your property, such as septic tank installation, is a large investment. Our 60+ years in business mean that our septic service experts can provide you with sound advice on the process and can handle all steps of septic installation projects with ease. With a fleet of trucks and an inventory of cutting-edge tools and equipment, we can set up a septic system at your home in Sussex County regardless of the specifications or circumstances.


Businesses in Sussex County who need some sort of septic installation work can look to the Wilson Services team. We are available to handle a wide variety of needs for waste systems and can do any custom design to best accommodate your commercial space. From multiple septic tank installations at large spaces to putting in a treatment plant, there is nothing we won’t do to create a suitable waste water solution for your business.


Rural residents of New Jersey understand the beauty and value of our state’s natural resources. The highly skilled excavation team at Wilson Services can handle large-scale septic system installations for any kind of municipal projects. We are proud to extend our septic services to local and rural Sussex County schools and governmental agencies and offer professional assistance to so much of the community.

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