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Are you looking at building on property that would require a septic system and you’re wondering, “how much is a septic tank?” Maybe you already have a septic system in Sussex County but it needs replacing and you’re worried about how much money you’re going to have to invest to keep it working well for you.

While the cost of your Sparta septic system will depend on factors specific to your home and your family’s needs, we’ve included some general guidelines below to give you an idea of how much it could cost for septic system installation in Sussex County.

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What is Included in a Septic System Installation?

Some people ask, “How much to replace a septic tank?” when they really want to know how much an entire septic system costs. Others just want to know the cost of a septic tank replacement.

If you choose to install or replace a septic system with Wilson Services, you’ll get:

  • A septic tank
  • Piping running from your home to the septic tank
  • A drainfield
  • Drain gravel
  • All pumps, etc. necessary to make your septic system fully functional
  • Permits
  • Installation of the system

If you’re not sure what you need, our experts can help. We can evaluate your system and let you know what needs to be replaced and how much it would cost you for a septic tank replacement in Sussex County. Call the septic tank experts at Wilson Services anytime to get help choosing the best option for you and your family.

How Much is a Septic Tank?septic tank installation Sparta NJ

The cost of your septic tank depends on:

  • The type of tank you need
  • The size of tank you want

Installation costs depend on:

  • Whether we need to excavate to install the new tank
  • The type of soil you have

Septic Tank Replacement Cost

In general, a septic tank replacement cost (in the same spot) runs about $10,000 – $15,000, depending on the tank size and location. If you’re getting a whole new system, you should expect to pay between $35,000 and $60,000, including the construction costs, engineering costs, and surveying costs. Prices for complicated systems or systems in difficult to reach locations could cost more. If you’re wondering “how much to replace my septic tank,” connect with our team for clear answers and fast service.

Learn more about how much it is to replace a septic tank in this blog.

Installation & Septic Pumping Sussex County, NJ

If you’ve been asking, “how much is a septic tank?” Wilson Services can help. The best way to find out how much your new septic tank will cost is to call us at Wilson Services for an estimate today. We’ll come out, talk to you, see what you need, and get you a quote for the replacement of your tank. That way, you’ll have an exact figure in front of you and you won’t have to wonder or guess anymore.

Call Wilson Services, your septic company in Sussex County, NJ, today to start your septic tank installation or replacement, or to find out how much a septic tank will cost. And for more information on septic tanks, read our blog “What you need to know about septic tanks