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sludgehammer septic device

Wilson Services Presents: The SludgeHammer System

Welcome to a New Era of Septic System Management

At Wilson Services, we’re committed to providing Sussex County residents with the best in septic system care. We’re proud to introduce the SludgeHammer system – a groundbreaking solution for septic system revitalization.

Understanding SludgeHammer Technology

How It Works:

sludgehammer vs. traditional septic replacement costs

The SludgeHammer system transforms your septic tank into a powerhouse of waste digestion. By installing the SludgeHammer device, your septic system benefits from the SludgeHammer Blend – a potent mix of bacteria that enhances waste processing, reducing the need for frequent pumping and maintenance. Bacteria in the Sludge Hammer Blend are so aggressive (“the SludgeHammer Effect”) that they starve out the resident slime-producing, anaerobic bacteria that produce “biomat” clogging. Leach fields are quickly opened up, further increasing the efficiency of the entire system.

Benefits & Features

  • Efficient Processing: Capable of handling over 25,000 gallons a day.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces nitrification and promotes efficient denitrification.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Significantly decreases the frequency of septic pumping.

The SludgeHammer Effect

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of the SludgeHammer system:

  • Biomat Elimination: It effectively eradicates biomat clogging, a leading cause of septic system failures.
  • Soil Porosity Restoration: Enhances soil absorption capacity, ensuring long-term system health.

Proven and Reliable

Drawing from over 15 years of diverse applications, the SludgeHammer system is a tried and tested solution for a variety of septic system challenges.

Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

As your local septic experts, Wilson Services provides hassle-free installation and low operational costs, ensuring your SludgeHammer system functions seamlessly.

Call Wilson To Experience The SludgeHammer Effect For Yourself!

Our expert septic experts are standing by, ready to determine if the SludgeHammer is the right solution for you! Call us today for a free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SludgeHammer System?
The SludgeHammer system is an advanced septic treatment solution, using specialized bacteria to enhance waste digestion and prevent common septic issues.

How Does It Save on Maintenance Costs?
The SludgeHammer’s efficient waste processing significantly reduces the need for regular pumping, translating to notable cost savings.

Is the System Environmentally Friendly?
Absolutely! The SludgeHammer system minimizes harmful nitrates and rejuvenates your septic system in an eco-friendly manner.

What Should I Do If I Sell My Property?
The system’s warranty can be transferred to new owners, ensuring continued efficiency and peace of mind.