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a diagram of septic pumping in Sussex County

If you’re new to septic maintenance in Sussex County or you haven’t had a septic tank in a long time, you might have questions about getting your septic system cleaned and pumped. Two of the most common questions we hear are, “How often should a septic tank be pumped?” and “Can I get my septic tank pumped even though it’s winter?”

While the answer isn’t always straightforward, our team will always do whatever we can to complete your septic pumping in Sussex County ASAP. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about your system again.

You Don’t Have to Avoid Winter…

Sometimes, winter weather isn’t a problem at all. In fact, we do a lot of septic pumping and septic cleaning in Sussex County after winter begins. People often realize that they forgot to get their tank pumped while the weather was warm, so they give us a call and we do the best we can for them no matter the weather.

As far as we are concerned, we can do your septic pumping in Sussex County, NJ almost anytime you need to have it done.

…But it Might Make Things Easier

That said, it’s easier to pump your system when the weather is nicer/warmer. Severe storms can make it difficult, if not impossible, for our equipment to reach your home, especially if you live in a rural area or we have to use dirt roads to get to your home.

Our other concerns with doing septic cleaning in Sussex County in the winter is that the ground can freeze. This may make it more difficult for our experts to gain access to your septic system. We may need to wait for a thaw or bring out extra equipment, which will make your septic cleaning more expensive.

In general, we recommend calling for septic maintenance in Sussex County before winter arrives. However, if you forgot to call or you didn’t know you needed it until after winter arrived, give us a call. We will do everything we can to get your system pumped and cleaned. If we can’t get it done, we’ll work with you to schedule a time and make sure it happens ASAP.

Our skilled plumbers from Wilson Services are here for you. We will help you with all of your septic needs, from Sussex County septic repairs and septic installation to testing and maintenance. Get on our schedule now and we’ll be there soon!