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Septic tank baffles are an important part of your Sparta septic system, but a lot of homeowners aren’t aware of it. Read on to learn what septic tank baffles are, where they’re located and why you need them in your Sparta septic tank.

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Septic Tank Inlet Baffle

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The line entering the septic tank from your home is an “inlet” line.  This line has an “inlet baffle” installed on the inside of the tank.  A properly maintained inlet baffle directs incoming waste downward, below the liquid level, minimizing disruption of the liquid and solid layers inside the tank.

Without a properly functioning inlet baffle, the solids, as well as the floating top layer, often labeled the FOG (fats, oils and grease) and/or Scum layer, may overflow to the outlet line, consequently, also flowing to the absorption component, whether a “field” or “seepage pit”.

Septic Tank Outlet Baffle

septic tank baffle sussex county

On the “outlet” side of the tank, a line leaves the septic tank towards the absorption component on each system. This line should have an outlet baffle, which prevents the scum layer and any retained solids from entering the disposal area or leach field.

A disintegrated or missing outlet septic tank baffle needs to be repaired in order maintain the integrity of the disposal area and keep your septic system functioning its best.

Septic Tank Maintenance & Baffles

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During routine septic pumping, or during a home septic system inspection, your Wilson Services’ tech will locate the inlet and outlet areas of the tank and assess whether the baffles are currently in place and in acceptable condition. If we find either to be deteriorating or missing, we’ll recommend a small investment in a baffle replacement, as this is an excellent way for you to extend the life of your septic system.

Septic solids, fats, oils and grease waste must not only empty into the tank, but stay there, until your next septic pumping is completed, and the only way this can happen is with properly functioning septic tank baffles.

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