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If you are new to having a septic system in Sussex County or you have never learned much about the system you’re using, it’s time to understand more. After all, the more you know the better you’ll be able to care for your septic drain field and your entire septic system.

how to maintain your septic tank

What is a Leach Field?

A leach field may also be known as a drain field. It is the place where liquids go after they drain into your septic tank. After all, if they stayed in the tank, you would have to get it pumped much more often!

How Does a Septic Leach Field Work?

Generally, pipes run from your septic tank to a flat area that is nearby but well away from your house. Liquids flow into the pipes, then drain (or leach) into the soil in the field. The soil naturally eliminates impurities and waste in a safe way so that animals and/or humans do not ingest it and it is not present in runoff.

Where is My Leach Field?

Your septic leach field in Sussex County is usually a large, flat area close to your septic tank. Most of the time, this area is well away from your house so that you are not tempted to put buildings, landscaping, or anything else on it.

If you don’t have a large, flat space that fits this description, you may need to look at the original plans for your septic system or have someone investigate the question so you can find out where it is.

What is an Absorption Area?

When wastewater leaves your home, it flows to the septic tank, then the liquid leaves the tank and goes to the absorption area (also may be called a seepage area). The absorption area is made up of all the rocks and sand that filter the wastewater until it’s clean. It essentially turns it into rainwater.

How Do I Keep My Leach Field Working Well?

The best way to keep your septic drain field working well is to maintain your entire septic system properly. This includes:

  • Pumping your septic tank on the right schedule for you. We can help you determine this based on the size of your tank and the number of people in your house.
  • Don’t put fats, oils, or greases down your drain. These can clog the filters in the pipes leading to your septic drain field and prevent them from draining your tank.
  • Call for help whenever there’s a problem. If your drain field smells bad or has pools of waste in it, call for help immediately. These problems won’t fix themselves!

Sussex County Leach Field Experts

When you need help with your leach field in Sparta or the surrounding area, contact Sussex County’s septic company, Wilson Services. We’ll get there fast to help you get your septic system working again soon.