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You may not have thought of your septic system as something that’s fun, but it’s actually fascinating. Here’s what you need to know about the system and about “septic repair near me” to make the most out of the plumbing you have.

You Have a Whole Septic System, Not Just a Tank

Sure, you have to get septic pumping in Sussex County and regular septic tank cleaning in Sussex County but your septic tank is not the only part of your system. All of your drains, the plumbing connected to them, and your drainfield are also part of your septic system. If one of these has an issue, you have a septic problem.

A Flooded Drainfield is Bad septic pumping sussex county

Even if you have your septic system set up properly, a bad storm can flood your drainfield. When this happens, it can’t absorb liquid waste well for a while because there’s already so much water in it. You may need to change usage patterns for a while or call us for a solution.

Every Septic System Has a Different Pumping Schedule

Just because you’ve had a septic system before doesn’t mean you understand the one you have now. Each system is different and needs septic pumping in Sussex County on a different schedule. Our pros can help you figure out how often to get it pumped so you won’t have to worry anymore.

Drain Cleaners Can Actually HURT Your Septic System

While chemicals can help you with septic tank cleaning in Sussex County and other septic issues, they can also damage your system. They can change the balance of bacteria in your tank, causing it to overgrow or stop functioning. Before you use drain cleaners or other chemicals, reach out to our experts. We’ll help you figure out what to use so you don’t have to worry about septic replacement cost in NJ.

Cold Weather Makes it Harder for Systems to Work

When the ground freezes, pipes can experience additional pressure. In addition, it is harder for you to access the system to clean out any parts that require it. Thus, your system may need more help in the winter than it does in the summer. Read more about your frozen septic system and the impact cold weather has on your system.

Get “Septic Repair Near Me” With Wilson Services

At Wilson Services, we can provide the “septic repair near me” that you need, and we can estimate your septic replacement cost in NJ. Contact us now to learn more about your system or utilize our services.