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Septic systems don’t freeze very often, but it can happen. When it does, it’s important that you handle the situation properly so you don’t damage anything. Read on to learn what to do with a frozen septic tank or a frozen septic line in Sparta, NJ and the surrounding area!

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What NOT to Do With a Frozen Septic System

First of all, there’s a list of things NOT to do.

These are a few things that we’ve seen a lot of homeowners try to do when components of their septic system freeze that do more harm than good. Here’s our DO NOT list:

  • Do NOT add antifreeze, salt or a septic system additive into the system.
  • Do NOT pump sewage onto the ground surface.
  • Do NOT start a fire over the system to attempt to thaw it out.
  • Do NOT run water continually to try to unfreeze the system.

Instead, you have a couple of options. You could simply wait the problem out. Most of the time, septic systems and components are deep enough in the ground that they won’t stay frozen very long. A few hours could make a big difference.

How to Thaw Out a Frozen Septic Line

The best thing to do if you have a frozen septic system or system components is to call in experts, like ours at Wilson Services. Most septic unfreezing techniques are such that only a professional should attempt them.

We promise you that we aren’t trying to make a money grab here and we aren’t exaggerating the problem. Frozen septic lines require professional help. Your septic service pro will determine the best way to unfreeze your line and get everything flowing in your system once again. We’ll also help you implement steps so that you don’t have to deal with a frozen line again.

Call Wilson Services today for help with your frozen septic system in Sparta, NJ or the surrounding area in Sussex County!