Septic Repairs

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your septic system. You should feel confident your system can handle daily use and will pass inspection if you sell your home. We’ll do our best to find a reasonable septic repair solution before going forward with a full replacement. We want to help you make the appropriate decision to protect one of the most costly features of your home. Don’t be afraid to call us!


Septic Pumps & Alarms

It’s important to know the different parts of your septic system. Many systems have a pump tank with an effluent pump inside. Most of the time you’ll never even know its there, because it runs automatically. If there is a problem with your pump system, the water level in the pump tank will rise and set off an alarm. The alarms are usually very loud, and sometimes have flashing lights.

Don’t worry! A properly designed and constructed pump system has built in capacity so you can still use water for a day (or more if you conserve water) before it overflows. When you have an alarm go off, call us immediately so we can get one of our experts to you house to assess and fix the problem!


You don’t need to wonder what’s happening underground. Many homeowners only find out their septic system is failing when they’re trying to sell their house and the buyer hires an inspector, but that doesn’t need to be you! If your septic system is over 10 years old, we suggest a consultation to determine the condition of your septic system and any necessary proactive steps you can take to prevent failure. This is the best way to potentially save yourself tens of thousands of dollars if your septic fails inspection. Modern septics, when maintained properly, can easily last over 20-30 years!

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