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May is Mother’s Day month. And while whole home surge protection may not seem like the ultimate gift for mom, it definitely benefits her, and those she loves, to check it off the home to-do list (in addition to breakfast in bed and a bouquet of flowers.) We at Wilson Services are as passionate about whole home surge protection as we are about the rest of our menu of home maintenance services (repairing, installing, and servicing septic systems, generators, lighting and electrical systems, and rented roll-off dumpsters), but in May, for mom, we’re highlighting whole home surge protection. It may not last as long as a “mom” tattoo, (you should replace your surge protector about every two years) but it certainly makes better sense.

Power spikes are becoming more frequent, and remain, as ever, unpredictable (just in case these modern times were getting a little too calm.) Changing weather patterns are most often the culprit. Perhaps you’ve come across the solution enjoying increasing popularity these days: whole home surge protectors. A whole home surge protector can save you the worry of unexpected expenses, so you can spend your “rainy day fund” on something more fun, like a pair of bright yellow galoshes, with a matching sunshine-hued umbrella. A whole home surge protector is the first line of defense against all voltage spikes. It suppresses them. A whole home surge protector performs much like a water filter when it prevents certain particulates from coming in, while still allowing water to flow. A surge protector also has a filter which prevents all irregular voltage from coming in, while letting the safe electrical currents operate as usual. This protects all of your appliances from burning out, or even exploding. Lightning strikes cause powerful voltage fluctuation. Any home on the electrical grid is vulnerable to a surge spreading along utility lines, and such an event will have a direct effect on your home.

Why not just plug in a simple strip surge protector yourself? It’s not a bad idea, but individual plug-in suppressors can only protect electronics that are plugged in. Anything hardwired is still at risk. A whole-home protector instantly blocks the surge from entering all of your home circuits and can protect all your electronics, appliances, telephone, internet and cable TV equipment, HVAC, and anything that runs on electricity inside or outside of your home. It will also combat electrical surges from appliances cycling on and off, one of the most prominent causes of surges. The microprocessors within every electrical device are very sensitive to surges, and can be ruined by the smallest of current changes. A whole home surge protector is your best defense. A surge protector requires intricate electrical work, and should be installed by a certified and licensed electrician (that’s where Wilson comes in, of course), and will only take about 2 hours to install. It’s a wise decision to spend a couple hundred dollars now, rather than a few thousand dollars later when there’s no going back.

So, appeal to the adages of motherly wisdom throughout the ages, and be better safe than sorry. The peace of mind you get from knowing all your appliances and electrical belongings are safe and secure is a gift of great value that mom, dad, or anyone will love.

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