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Electrical Panels in Sussex County, NJ

When it’s time for an electrical panel replacement or an electrical panel upgrade in Sussex County, NJ, it’s time to call us at Wilson Services. We’ll send out an experienced Sussex County electrician to help you choose the perfect electrical panel, then install it for you and make sure everything is working well.

Most homeowners don’t think about their electrical panel until it stops working or has problems and you need the help of an electrician in Sussex County, NJ. Here’s what you need to know if you’re suddenly facing an electrical panel replacement or an electrical panel upgrade.

What is an Electric Panel?

Your electric panel is the place where all of your circuit breakers are located. It is usually attached to the outside of your home, though it may also be in the garage or the basement. If you’ve ever had to flip a circuit breaker, it’s the same place where you went to do that.

This panel controls the power to your whole house. It makes sure that no area is using too much power and it helps regulate how much power each area can draw.

Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Electric Panel?

The most common reason for getting an electric panel upgrade in Sussex County has to do with safety. Many older panels have limited amperage and only offer a limited number of circuits.

As you require more and more electricity, you can overwhelm your panel. This may cause your circuit breakers to flip regularly or your lights to flicker all the time. If you’ve noticed any of these potential problems, it’s time to have your panel evaluated for upgrade. Call our electricians in Sussex County for electrical inspections.

When Should I Replace My Electric Panel?

If your electric panel is 20-30 years old, it’s eligible for replacement. Most panels don’t last much longer than that. Some signs that you need electrical panel replacement in Sussex County include:

  • Burn marks, especially on appliances, near switches and/or outlets, or by the panel itself
  • Buzzing or crackling sounds, either near the panel or when you use electricity inside your home
  • Burning smells, like burning plastic, in or around your electrical panel

If you see any of these signs, contact us ASAP for electrical panel help!

Electricians Sussex County, NJ

Is it time for an electric panel replacement or an electric panel upgrade in Sussex County? Contact us at Wilson Services! We’ll send an experienced electrician in Sussex County, NJ, out to your house to evaluate your panel, then let you know how we can help. Make your appointment now and make your home safer today!

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