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If there’s water in your bathtub and you don’t know how it got there, take a whiff. If it smells like sewage, chances are that you’ve got a clog somewhere in your system. This can feel like a reason to panic, but don’t worry! You have plenty of time to call in our Sussex County sewage experts to fix the problem.

Fixing a Clogged Drain

two plumbers performing sewer cleaning in Sussex County

A clog in your sewer can be a big deal! Don’t put off calling us if you think there might be a problem. Call early enough and you won’t suffer a major sewer backup that means you’ll have to replace floors, walls, and more.

When you call about your clogged drain or to report sewage in your bathtub, we’ll send someone out to take a look down your sewer line. Our expert will send a camera down the line to spot problems and pinpoint their exact location.

Once we know what we’re looking at, we’ll decide the best way to get rid of your sewer clog. We might choose hydro jetting, which uses a highly-pressurized stream of water to remove clogs. We might also choose a plumbing snake, which can either dislodge clogs or pull them out.

Call Us For Sewer Cleaning in Sussex County

No matter what method we choose, we’ll work fast and keep you updated as to where we are in the process. Before long, we’ll have that clog out and your sewer will be working again. Rely on our team from Wilson Services whenever you have sewer clogs in Sussex County to get the job done fast! Give us a call today!