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A septic tank in Sussex County

If your home is not connected to a main sewer line, then chances are that you are using a septic tank. Most people think that only people in rural areas use these tanks, but the truth is that they are all around, even in some suburbs and metro areas. 

People choose septic tanks, quite simply, because they work. They offer a hygienic and convenient way to deal with the waste, both liquid and solid, that modern life produces. 

What are Septic Tanks?

Septic tanks work by first separating solid and liquid waste. It usually all enters the tank together, the solids suspended in liquid. Pretty soon, though, the solids sink to the bottom, with a scum layer on top. The liquid waste continues to flow into another part of the tank, where the process happens all over again. At this point, the wastewater is clear enough to drain out into a leach field outside of the tank itself. 

A septic tank can work for years, but it will need some regular maintenance. You won’t want to do this yourself, because some of the bacteria in a septic tank can be harmful if you don’t know how to take the right precautions.

How Can a Plumber Help With Your Septic Tank

Have a plumber clean your tank, so the scum layer doesn’t build up too much. When solid waste levels reach a certain level, you will need to have those pumped out, too. 

Plumbers don’t just clean septic tanks, they also install them. If you need a new septic tank or would like to move to a tank, make sure you have a plumber calculate how large of a tank you need, given your home size, the number of people living there, and how much land you have. You will also need to make sure the tank incorporates well into your drainage system, so your wastewater ends up in the right place. 

At Wilson Services, we will take care of your septic tank for you. From overseeing septic installation in Sussex County to performing regular septic system maintenance and troubleshooting problems, we are septic tank pros. Give us a call to schedule your appointment ASAP. 

Septic Tank Problems

While most septic tanks function well with regular septic system maintenance, they can have problems, just like anything else. If you notice that your toilets are backed up, your drains are working slowly, or your yard has a bad smell and is wet over the septic tank area, it’s probably time to have someone come take a look at your tank. 

Your tank could have many problems, from a filter that needs changing to a drainfield that is no longer percolating. This latter problem is usually the issue when your yard is wet. Basically, the drainfield is the place where any excess water pumped into your tank flows, minus the solids which sink to the bottom of your tank. If it isn’t working properly, this water will flow up to the ground level, causing squishy dirt. It’s usually accompanied by a bad smell and little flies, which are attracted to the waste. Fortunately, we offer septic repair for Sussex County, and are always here to help.

No matter your septic tank problem, Wilson Services is more than willing to take on fixing it for you with our septic services in Sussex County, NJ. Give us a call to make your appointment now.