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Is it time for septic cleaning in Sussex County? If your septic tank is full or you know it hasn’t been completely cleaned in a while, give us a call at Wilson Services. We’ll clean out your tank soon so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The Goal of Septic Cleaningseptic cleaning Sussex County

When we come out to perform your septic tank cleaning in Sussex County, we’ll work hard to get it completely empty and ready to get filled up again. While pumping only removes the liquid waste from your tank, cleaning removes everything and sets up the tank’s ecosystem anew.

While we can’t give you a new tank every time we perform a septic cleaning in Sussex County, we can make your old tank like new. When we’re done, it will be completely empty and ready to start processing waste again.

Skim the Scum

The scum is the top layer of any septic tank. It’s usually made up of waste that has not been completely broken down by bacteria. This layer floats on top of the solid and liquid layers in your tank. We’ll make sure your scum is gone when we clean out your tank. It usually gets sucked up along with the liquid waste.

Remove the Liquid Waste

This is usually the biggest layer in your tank and is made of up all waste that either enters your tank as a liquid or becomes liquified in the breakdown process. Our trucks will suck it up and take it away, so your tank has space again.

Scoop Out the Sludge

Sludge is the official term for the solid waste that sits at the bottom of your tank. When we do your septic tank cleaning in Sussex County, we’ll get rid of this layer, too. If we have to, we can even use hydro jetting technology to break up stubborn solids and remove them from your tank.

Call For Professional Septic Service in Sussex County

Rely on our team for all of your septic services in Sussex County. Get your septic tank cleaner than it has ever been before when you work with us at Wilson Services. We’re the septic company you need when it’s time for septic cleaning in Sussex County, NJ.  Call our Sussex County septic tank cleaning team today to get started!