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What to get for the dad who has everything? A new tie? Been there. Some socks? Done that. How about helping dad check off an item on his to-do list this Father’s Day with a whole home generator installation or repair from Wilson Services? We think it may just be the next “new set of BBQ tools”. What better way to enjoy the North Jersey summer (and beyond) in style than with the gift of knowing your family will have power all Summer long, come what may? We also offer septic system repair, installation, and service, in addition to lighting and electrical systems, as well as our convenient rented roll-off dumpsters, if you want to get creative.

They say, “Father Knows Best”. Challenge that title by gifting dad a generator (or generator repair) so your family can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home’s electricity is protected. Between taking the trash out without being asked (most of the time), opening difficult jar lids, and leaping buildings in single bounds, a new whole home generator (or repair) just feels like something dad would be happy to enjoy, without the effort of making it happen. And yet, no matter who schedules the service, you can be sure no one will lose energy in the process. Wilson Services is Sussex County’s generator service experts. We’ll get to you fast, help you discover the best generator for your needs, and ensure you have reliable backup power you can count on. Dad will be impressed that you went with the best.

Generator installation in Sussex County has never been more accessible, thanks to Wilson Services. And, having a whole home generator has never been more important. These times are uncertain enough, without worrying about your climate control being compromised by an electrical outage. With a generator, your HVAC systems, food supply, clean water supply, the ability to charge your devices, watch your shows, blow-dry your hair, use the internet, will remain in tact. Or, maybe it’s time to replace your old generator with one you know won’t quit, or service your existing generator? Our expert electricians will walk you through all of your options so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your family’s comfort and safety.

So treat dad to a visit from Wilson Services this Father’s Day. We’ll make sure your Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t melt, you’ll be sure to catch the playoffs, and the AC will still purr like a sleeping bobcat with a whole home generator. So much better than a new necktie! Give us a call at (973) 834-7024 or visit online. Power to the dads!