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In the winter, your electrical system works harder than you might realize. After all, it’s normal not to think about it unless something stops working. However, a little bit of preparation can go a long way towards keeping your electricity working well this winter. Here’s what you can do to help prevent emergency electrical problems when it’s cold outside. And, if you need help from the pros, call your electricians in Sparta at Wilson Services now!

Make Heating Safe

Whether you rely on a furnace or you use individual heaters for different rooms, you likely rely on electricity to stay warm during the winter. Even gas furnaces need electricity to keep the blower fan working! 

The easiest way to make sure the electrical connections for your heating are functional and safe is to get them inspected by a professional electrician in Sparta, NJ. Our pros would be happy to come to your home and make sure everything is set so you can stay warm this winter.

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Consider Your Lighting Options

There are a few things to consider when it comes to winter lighting. First of all, many homes use more lighting, both indoors and out, during the winter because there are more hours of darkness. Make sure you are using energy-efficient bulbs, that your outdoor plugs are working, and that you have sufficient outdoor lighting for any activities you plan to do.

Have an Alternate Plan

Winter storms can take out the electricity over large areas, and it can stay out for quite a while. Make sure you know what you will do if your electricity disappears. You may want to install a whole-home generator with the help of our electrician in Sparta, or get a portable one. Either way, test your generator before you need to use it. If it’s not working or you don’t know how to test it, call one of our professionals to check it for you.

We can also help you get a new generator that will automatically turn on whenever you need it. That way, if your power goes out in the middle of the night, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Contact us at Wilson Services today to get some help preparing your electrical system for winter or with any specific questions you might have. We’ll have an electrician in Sparta to your door soon to set your mind at ease and take your worries away.