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Common repairs to septic systems:

  • Jetting a clogged line or laterals
  • Repairing or Replacing a Distribution Box
  • Baffle Replacements 
  • Line repairs or replacements
  • Effluent Filters
  • Installation of a Riser for Easier Servicing
  • Replacement Lids
  • Diagnostic services

Useful terms:

Septic Tanks: Most septic tanks today are made of plastic or concrete. Plastic or fiberglass tanks resist deterioration, but they are susceptible to puncture from probing. Extreme care should be used when locating tanks. Metal tanks have a useful life of approximately twenty years, but have not been approved for new installation for over thirty years. Steel tanks weaken with age and may collapse during excavation or servicing.

Riser: If the treatment tank is 18 inches or more below ground, a riser should be added to the main lid to bring it closer to ground level for easy maintenance. System components such as the main lid and the baffle cover/lids that are not accessible can make maintenance difficult and may cause the system to age prematurely. If a ground level lid is preferred, present code requires a “locking lid” – metal or green plastic. 

A cesspool is an older type of system still in use, but no longer meet current regulatory code for new construction. The cesspool receives all sewage from the house into a single compartment.  Most cesspools do not have a separate absorption component to their system, such as a pit or field.  

Lines: Lines from the house carry sewage to the treatment tank (septic tank), and then to a distribution box and finally to an absorption area.  Avoid using any heavy equipment or parking vehicles over these lines, as it may cause breakage in the lines.  Lines can settle and may develop a “sag” causing backups over time.  Lines can be repaired or replaced as needed to obtain the correct pitch.

Baffles help protect the absorption area from solids carryover. All sewage enters the treatment tank from the house through the inlet baffle. Solids remain in the tank and liquid exits through the outgoing baffle. If deteriorated or missing, they should be repaired or replaced because of potential problems associated with the ability of increased solids being allowed to enter the absorption area. In addition, we recommend installing a filter in your outlet baffle to trap any escaping solids. 

Distribution Box: The distribution box (DBox) distributes effluent from the septic tank into the absorption area. If there is evidence of unequal distribution, “speed levelers” may be installed to correct the problem. If deterioration is noted, the dbox should be replaced.

Absorption Component: The absorption component is the most expensive and most difficult component of an onsite system to correct.  Two typical types of absorption components are a pit or a field.  If there are indications of a saturated condition, the health department will advise if the drainage area can be repaired “in place,” or if the homeowner has to contact an engineer to re-design the system. Roots in the immediate area of a septic system can cause flow to be restricted.

Pump Tanks: Pump Tanks contains an effluent pump which either simply transports (lifts) the effluent to another elevation or delivers a specific volume of effluent to a pressure distribution system at a specific pressure. Most pumps have an alarm to indicate pump failure.

Additional information can be obtained from the New Jersey DEP, Division of Water Quality website:

How we can help:

We are licensed home contractors in NJ. Wilson Services System Service has the knowledge and equipment to properly repair all components on your system. It is important to contract the services of a firm that understands the dynamics of your system and can offer a successful solution. 

With over 60 years of experience, we are able to effectively diagnose and repair any system and provide feedback to the customer on what was done and what can be expected as a result of these actions.  We work quickly and efficiently to repair your system for you!  

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