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Does Your Generator Need Service?

generator services sussex countyWe seem to rely on electricity for everything that makes modern life worth living. But it can be fickle. Hurricanes, high winds, and winter storms often lead to power outages. And it doesn’t help that so many homes are connected to an aging, flawed power grid that’s one minor mishap away from a catastrophic outage.

Is your home protected? Wilson Services provides generator installations in Sussex County that can protect everything from your home to your livelihood. We offer whole-home generator repairs & services, as well as standby generator repairs and services, in Sussex County.



Signs Your Home Generator Needs Repair

As with any other major system that serves your home, from septic tank maintenance to your HVAC system, your Sussex County generator repairs should be done based on the schedule in the owner’s manual. However, even with diligent maintenance, things can and will sometimes go wrong.

Component Wear

Electrical components, wires, connections, and control surfaces are all subject to wear, especially since most generators are exposed to the elements year ‘round. Your generator should be inspected and serviced annually at a minimum to check for this wear.


Leaks can happen at any time, but they’re especially common as a generator ages. If you see signs of an oil or fuel leak, get in touch immediately; a generator that won’t start or fails prematurely is no use to anyone.

Startup and Running Problems

Most modern generators will run a test cycle for a few minutes, either weekly or monthly. Pay attention to this cycle; if the engine hesitates, or only runs intermittently, there could be a mechanical or electrical problem that needs attention.

Inconsistent Power Output

If power flow is low or inconsistent — things are flickering or shutting off, or your indoor and outdoor lighting looks like you’re in the midst of a brownout when the generator is running — get in touch now. This can have a number of sources, and can damage your appliances if it’s neglected.

Exterior Damage

After storms and severe weather, give your generator a visual inspection. Just like your home or car can be damaged by debris, hail, or falling branches, so can your generator. If that happens, don’t leave it alone and hope for the best.

Battery Problems

Just like car batteries, generator batteries are subject to sulfation, evaporation, and self-discharge. They need periodic service, and should be replaced on schedule (three to six years depending on the type of battery).

Repair or Replace Your Home Generator?

Another question that inevitably arises: should you repair your backup generator, or replace it? Generator repairs are less expensive, generally speaking, but there are times when replacement makes the most sense.

  • Your generator is getting old; most backup generators last from 20 to 40 years, or 1,500 to 3,000 operating hours (whichever comes first), but this can vary based on maintenance and site conditions
  • Repairs are more frequent, or getting more expensive
  • You’ve added to your home and need more power to keep up with demand

When to Call a Professional for Generator Service

In a word? Always. Besides being mechanically complex, it’s worth bearing in mind that generators’ wiring can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure what you’re doing. There’s a risk of electrocution, fire, and a number of other hazards, plus a chance that your insurance premiums could skyrocket if something goes wrong. Don’t chance it! Call us for generator services in Sussex County now.


Benefits of Standby Generators in Sussex County

Whether you opt for a whole-home generator or a lower-output standby generator, you can reap a number of benefits:

  • Protection for perishables, like food and certain types of medication
  • Climate control in the summer and winter
  • Fewer disruptions if you work from home
  • Security and safety for yourself and your family
  • Less chance of damage to sensitive electronics
  • And even insurance benefits!

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Why call Wilson Services for generator repairs and maintenance? Because the same company that generations of homeowners have trusted for septic services in Sussex County is the same one you can trust for backup power that protects your home, come what may. Get in touch today!