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If you’re on a septic system, we don’t blame you if winter isn’t your favorite time of year. After all, your plumbing system may have problems at this time of year that don’t happen during any other season. Here’s what to look for and how to take care of your system. If you do need septic experts in Sussex, NJ, contact us at Wilson Services right away.

Extra Pressure on Your Tank

Winter in New Jersey

The weight of snow plus extra moisture in the soil that causes it to become more compact can combine to cause problems for your septic system. It can put extra pressure on your tank and on any pipes that you have in the area, which can lead to all sorts of septic problems. If this happens and you need septic service in Sussex County, call us at Wilson Services right away.

Frozen Pipes and a Frozen Tank

If the ground freezes, it can not only cause burst pipes and related septic problems, but it can also change the action of or slow down the bacteria that work in your tank. This can cause slow dissolution of solids in your tank or problems with your drainfield. Insulate your tank and make sure it’s covered properly, and call us if you need a septic repair in Sussex County.

Extra Use

If you have friends or relatives visiting you for the holidays, your septic system may get used more than it usually does. Also, people who don’t know much about septic systems may use it improperly. Educate them and get a septic inspection in Sussex County, NJ before they come to eliminate any systemic issues.

Long Periods of Disuse

If you go away for more than a week, your septic system may suffer. If the bacteria in the tank don’t get enough to break down, they can die or become sluggish, which can cause problems when you get home. If you leave for a while, get someone to come flush a few toilets and run water into the system every few days. If you still have issues, call your septic experts in Sussex County, NJ at Wilson Services.

Leaky Pipes

Leaks might not be a big deal in warmer weather, but they make it more likely that your system will freeze in the winter. Get a septic inspection in Sussex County, NJ before winter comes to fix these ahead of time.

Call on our Wilson septic team from Wilson Services anytime you need septic maintenance, septic installation, septic repair in Sussex County or any other septic service in Sussex County. We’ll work fast so you’ll have the solutions you need ASAP.