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A failed DIY electrical project

At Wilson Services, we know that many of you love to work on your homes yourself. Sometimes, this is a great way for you to enjoy yourself and complete a project that you can enjoy for years. 

Other times, it’s not a good idea at all. In fact, we get quite a few calls from people who need our help to fix their homes after they try a project on their own. These fixes can be more expensive and take longer to finish than it would have if they had just called us in the first place. 

If you ask our electricians, here’s what they would say about when you should tackle a project on your own. 

Can I Do it Myself?

There are three factors to consider before you decide to take on an Sussex County electrical project yourself.

  • Time. Electrical projects take time, if you want to do them well. They take even longer when you are doing something for the first time or something that you don’t do often. Make sure you can commit to finishing before you start.
  • Skill. If you don’t have the skills to make sure your project is done safely and well, it might be better to call in a pro. 
  • Money. While it might seem cheaper to do it yourself, many times these projects end up costing more because you make mistakes or you have to do things two or three times before they work out. 

Save These Projects for the Professionals

There are a few projects that our electricians think you should never do on your own. Most of the time, this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with safety.

  • Rewiring. This isn’t something to mess around with. If you need rewiring, you need it ASAP and you need to know the job was done well. Call in a pro!
  • Fuse or breaker box work. This involves high voltages and affects how your entire home runs. Minor mistakes can be extremely costly, so bring in a professional!
  • Extensive projects. If you’re doing a large electrical project, like adding on to your home or installing a new circut, get a professional on the job. We’ll get it done fast, keep everyone safe, and make sure we get the right approvals and permits before we act.

Call our electricians in Sussex County at Wilson Services today for projects big and small!